Power supplies and charging solutions Industrial and Medical

Excellence in FRIWO standard and customized power supplies, chargers, LED drivers and rechargeable and pre-approved Li-Ion battery solutions for industrial and medical use. We offer quality and documentation at the highest level. AWILCO is the Nordic partner for FRIWO since 1973 and appointed as “Agent of the Year” several times. We have >200 FRIWO item no. in stock and have own flexible production department that makes customized solutions in small and large quantities. Keywords are high quality, flexible and customized. More about FRIWO here or buy FRIWO products here.

Fuel Cells are the reliable and off grid power solutions of the future

We have more than 10 year experience with complete energy solutions for at variety of applications. The hand-on application experience at AWILCO combined with the EFOY products and accessories, enables us to create unique solutions resulting optimization and cost reduction for you. More about the EFOY brand here or buy EFOY products here.

System integrations - We understand and solve energy solutions

At AWILCO we make system integrations, using more of our products.

Products like SFC Fuel Cells, KISAE inverters, ALFATRONIX DC/DC converters are incorporated in simple as well high complex and demanding installations for applications locally as well as in the most remote parts of the globe.

System reliability is a result of product knowledge and experience, and the experience within our team and suppliers, ensures that the systems we can make and help you build will perform throughout the expected lifetime.

Let us help you to find the solution that brings power to you and your installation.Contact us here

Battery Solutions – by your specification!

Li-Ion, Li-Po, NiMH, NiCd – we have 35 years of experience with rechargeable batteries.

Our specialty is to develop Battery Solutions that are tailored to your application, to fulling users demands in the years to come.

We are experienced in any rechargeable technology and we welcome any challenges from one cell applications to highly complex systems with several cells, BMS, cell balancing, special requirements for ambient temperature, shock and vibration etc.

We make sure that you get the proper approvals in order to be able to handle and supply your applications all over the world.

We aim to make the development of your specific battery pack as easy for you as possible.

Contacts us to start your project now.