FRIWO Chargers for LiFePO4 Batteries

Lithium-Iron Phosphate systems
All products conform to IEC 60335. GPP36 additionally conform to IEC 60601-1

Charging LiFePO4 batteries to perform consistently and safely over time, are keypoints in every FRIWO charger design. Demanding applications, tough environments and precise specifications are build in to the very core of our chargers. The FRIWO trackrecord with chargers is vast and every new product added to the family benefits from years of experience. LiFePO4 batteries requires technology specific charging – FRIWO chargers supply just that. When detecting the correct NTC – the charger will charge with the max possible current. Should the NTC fail, or not be avaliable, the charger will automatically reduce the charge current to secure a safe charge

We have chargers from 1 cell up to 5 cells, and provide chargecurrent from 1500mA up to 4000 mA

  • Overload protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Continuosly short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Avaliable with 60335 and 60601-1 approvals (GPP36-series)
  • Build in safety timer
  • Dual colour LED
  • Battery NTC sensor: R = 10 kR / B = 3977
  • Modern housing design
  • Efficient electronics
  • Wide range input for world wide use

FRIWO LiFePO4 intelligent chargers is the safe choise when you aim to get the longst possible lifetime of your battery.

Please find our LiFeP04 chargers here. If you need a device with medical approval you find the here.

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