Medical IEC/EN 60601-1 MOOP / MOPP

Means of Protection: MOP, MOPP and MOOP
The Safety Standard for medical electrical equipment describes under point 8.5 „Separation of parts“, the safety precautions for touching of applied parts. The standard defines safety precautions, to prevent danger from people.

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In the latest IEC60601 3rd edition, medical norm, which already has been globally accepted, the biggest change is that the norm now distinguishes between operators and patients and consequently is it the responsibility of the manufacturer of the medical product, to determine the likelihood of the patients to come into contact with the product.

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MOP: Means of Protection
MOP stands for “Means of Protection” and means precautions for the reduction of the risk of an electrical shock. The medical standard separates between patient and operator protection. A means of protection can be achieved by different methods: electrical insulation (via foils, housings or insulated wires), special parts (Y-Caps), protective earthing or by distances which are defined as clearance and creepage distances.

MOOP: Means of Operator Protection
Electronic devices that have no patient contact and are operated by professionals or instructed persons, do not require increased safety requirements. Therefore the device can be designed with two protective measures for operator protection; 2xMOOP. These requirements correspond approximately to the safety requirements for equipment in information technology. Safety distances for patient protection are always higher than for operator protection.

MOPP: Means of Patient Protection
Means of patient protection has to be used for medical devices which are in direct contact with patients, e.g. ECG recorders. There must be two protective measures between AC mains power and patients at medical equipment. That is the reason why it is called 2xMOPP.

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