FRIWO Plug-In Power Supplies

FOX = FRIWO One-click Xchange is

3rd generation of interchangeable primary adapters. Certified safety IEC60950, EN 55022, EN55024 and DOE 2016 – Level VI. FOX is ready to power your application in the future.

Why is FOX groundbreaking technology?

FOX power supply units are smaller, more powerful and more efficient than it’s competitors. FRIWO’s new technical concept has again increased energy density. Thanks to a patented interchangeable adapter system, its devices are suitable for use under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments.

High efficiency/volume and the most versatile platform when considering the interchangeable primary adapter system in combination with the extremely flexible system for selecting secondary connector makes FRIWO FOX “one of a kind”.

The range of matching interchangeable primary adapters are even available with IP42 conformity, and considering the housing is both snapped and welded, the FRIWO FOX is ready for even tougher environments.

Use our easy online configurator in the webshop to make the FRIWO FOX fit your requirement – our configurator provides you with an extreme level of flexibility – and we ship the product ready to “plug and play” upon arrival.

FRIWO FOX Power Supplies - Looking to the future

  • FOX meets the higest quality standards
  • Efficiency level Vl – DOE 2016
  • Smaller and more powerful
  • Double housing safety: snapped and Welded
  • Patented interchangeable adapter system
  • 12 country variants, optional IP42
  • Also available with medical approvals

Find FOX Power Supplies in our webshop

Medical approved FOX Power Supplies to be found in our webshop here

Or Read more about FRIWO medical approved units here

Configure power supplies with our online tool

Plug and play = use easy few-step configurator to add primary and secondary adapter.

Products with “Configurate this product” can be customized. The configurator will show you the options for the particular product to make it fit your needs. It’s easy and time saving.

FOX - FRIWO One-click Xchange replaces the PP, GPP and MPP series

Continuous evolution of FRIWO's Power Supply system ensures you a future-proof product

FOX is the successor of our previous PP, MPP and GPP series. FOX meets all the newest standards and at the same time enhance all the features of its predecessors.
Find your FOX replacement for a current MPP or GPP product here. and for the PP model here.

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