FRIWO USB Power Supply Solutions

Effective and compact USB power supplies

FRIWO USB power supplies comply with the strictest levels of safety standards to support your applications – even avaliable with medical approval!

Choose FRIWO USB to be assured that your USB power supply is legal.

Ideal for any 5V device and providing output up to 2A. Performance and reliability are excellent. The new FOX series is level VI and is available in 5, 6 and 12 Watt.

Why choose the FOX USB series

  • The FOX products meet the higest quality standards
  • Efficiency level Vl – DOE 2016 Ready
  • Smaller and more powerful
  • Double safety: snapped and Welded
  • Patented interchangeable adapter system
  • Optional IP42 adapters

Choosing FOX USB Power Supplies today is an investment in the future

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Medical approved USB Power Supplies can be found in our webshop here

Or Read more about FRIWO medical approved units here

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