Off-grid power supply for reliable data transmission

The EFOY Pro ensure off-grid power supplies to measurement devices that transmit important environmental data, such as water levels, seismic movement, climate data and gas and radiation values

Link the solar panel with a fuel cell to get sustainable power all year round

Ensure 100% availability with minimum fuel consumption by using a fuel cell as a back-up to a solar power system. When the solar power system is unable to deliver enough power, the fuel cell automatically switches on and compensates the shortfall in power

The best energy solution for off-grid wind measurements and lighting of obstructions

Wind measurement systems in locations of potential wind farms require a reliable, off-grid power supply of up to 12 months which is ensured with the EFOY Pro.

100% autonomous and reliable power supplies for oil & gas applications

EFOY Pro fuel cells ensure off-grid power supplies for CCTV systems, chemical injection pumps in remote locations and SCADA communications and control equipment

Reliable, off-grid power supplies for surveillance systems

The EFOY Pro ensures a reliable, off-grid power supply for stationary and mobile survaillence. Can be used on building sites, covert investigations, monitor infrastructures etc.

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