entiffic 2.4 gas

Portable Selfpowered Heater and Power Supply

Warm Air and Power for your mobile devices - Anywhere!

entiffic 2.4 is 100% cordless: The built-in fan is powered by the heat and will run as long as you have gas.
NO external power needed!

While providing a continuous stream of heated air, in addition the unit delivers sufficient DC power to supply a LED light, a small radio etc., or to charge your mobile device, simply by connecting to the built-in 12V cigarette lighter socket or the 5V USB socket.

Application areas

  • Craftsmen
  • Emergency and relief situations
  • Outdoor Professionals
  • Camping and leisure
  • Marine and Fishing
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Technical details

  • Butane/Propane gas canister 7/16 thread
  • 12V cigarette lighter socket or
  • 5V USB socket
  • 2.4kW heat, forced with fan
  • Weight 4.3 kg excl. fuel canister
  • Dimensions W155xD155xH380 mm

Key features

  • Heat and Power anywhere for emergency
    or comfort
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in low noise fan
  • 12V socket or 5V USB

Video entiffic 2.4

  • Video demonstration of entiffic gas
  • click on full screen to see video
  • Contact us for demonstration here

Download PDF

  • Onepager
  • Manual e24-12V
  • Manual e24-USB

Selfpowered eAIRr vehicle heater

  • Heating for vans, trucks and boats
  • Low noise, compact design, easy to install
  • Temperature range -40°- 55°C
  • Fuel: Diesel or Petroleum
  • See more here

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Safety is an important point:

entiffic 2.4 contains several protective functions: “Flame-out”, Overheating and electrical overload protection are all build in to protect both user, device, and environment.

entiffic 2.4 gas is the ideal choise for:

  • Craftsmen: To heat compartments and cabins in vans, trucks, non-road machinery, vessels or boats, cold work space – to heat frozen devices/engines etc.
  • Camping/Leisure/Marine: To heat tents, caravan and mobile home awnings and compartments, yachts and boats, any private workshop or area that needs heating – keep it nearby for emergency heat during the cold season.
  • Emergencies: like earth quakes, natural disasters, electrical black outs, cold periods, car accidents – keep it nearby for emergency heat and power for your phone while waiting for rescue.
  • Emergency relief organizations: To heat tents and camps for refugees and simultaneously provide electrical power for light, small radios and other communication devices.

How it Works:

Using state of the arts energy harvesting technology and a particular innovative integration of the technology, the entiffic 2.4 provides the unique feature of being self-powered: The electrical power to run the built-in fan is 100% produced by the unit itself, no external power cords needed. This provides the user a yet unseen flexibility and portability when considering space heating. Utilizing the temperature difference between the heat from the burning gas and the ambient temperature the units generates a more than sufficient DC current to run the built-in fan that forces the warm air.

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