Jump-Start Relay for DMT1250

The jump start relay for DMT1250 offers the opportunity to assist the vehicle startbattery with energy from an auxiliary battery in the instance the start battery is empty.


The relay is current limited to 50A, and thus protects from any overcurrents flowing.


The relay is open for as long as the user pushes the button which opens the relay.


You will need a push button to activate the relay – please see for our recommendation for a push button (her skal indsættes link til den fine push button), but you can install any spring operated push button.


It is important the button is spring operated.




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When installing, please refer to the manual, as the relay is directional = it only allows current to flow in one direction, ensuring proper flow of energy to the vehicle start battery.

Current is limited to 50A to avoid excess energy to flow.


The relay is supplied including wires with cablerings, which fit the terminals B+ and Out+ on the KISAE DMT1250.


Terminal 1 on the relay must be connected with Out+

Terminal 2 on the relay must be connected with Battery +

One white wire connects to ground

The other white wire connects to 12V+ via a spring operated push button.


Please refer to wiring diagramme.

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