Phocos Sun regulator Solar CA 12V DC 10A

CA series (10A) Solar Charge Controller


Electronically regulated charging regime: Boost and float charge

Deep discharge protection

PWM series regulation, no panel short circuit

Integrated temperature compensation

Fully electronically protected:

Panel surge voltage

Wrong polarity at panel or battery

Overload and short circuit at load

3 LED indications: Charge Status, SOC, LVD, Overload/

Short Circuit

Common positive allows grounding


Especially designed for small solar systems with the need of a low battery disconnect feature.

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Main differences to the preceding CA series:

The regulation circuit provides now series regulation to prevent single cell overheat problems of short-circuited solar panels. The terminal section has been replaced by a rugged, well profen 16 mm2 terminal block.

The melting fuse of the predecessor has been replaced by a fully electronically protected circuit.

2 LEDs and 1 Duo-LED to display charging in progress, battery SOC, and load disconnect and overload status.

Leisure and rural electrification systems are the typical applications for this product. It is a perfect solution for cost-sensitive systems which require state-of-the-art system management.

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