Phocos Sun regulator Solar CX 12/24V DC 40A

CXN series (40 A)

Built-in 1 Year Data Logger for System Analysis

Choose between 5 load disconnect algorithms

Temperature compensated 3 Stage (Boost/absorption/

float) PWM Series Regulation

Automatic 12/24 V detection

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CXN series (40 A)

The CXN series is a sophisticated solar charge regulator family with negative grounding. Beside a perfect PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation, the controllers provide extraordinary display, programming and safety functions. The battery state of charge is clearly displayed with a bar chart. The deep discharge protection function can be set up to five different modes: voltage controlled, SOC controlled or adaptive SOC controlled.

Acoustic warnings are built in, also a programmable nightlight function.

The compact case design is prepared for DIN rail mounting (mounting device available as an accessory).

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