AWILCO Box-A-Fuel-Cell System horisontal 12/24V STANDARD

AWILCO Box-A-Fuel-Cell System all-in

The all in solution includes

Solar regulatior

Build in battery main switch

DC output 12/24V

DC fuses

All in storage solution is prepared for:

EFOY Fuel cell Pro 800/2400

Methanol 2 x 28L

Inverter 12V DC or 24V DC

AGM Battery

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Box A Fuel Cell is a mobile, maintenance-free complete solution for off-grid power supply. 

The box is suitable for outdoor use and is pre-configured to adapt to specific requirements.

Box A Fuel Cell can be used for temporary solutions, for example construction sites or other areas where electricity is not yet available. Or in more permanent situations where there are more difficult access options. This complete energy solution is perfect for outdoor use and for hidden solutions. 

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Weight 40 kg
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