EFOY Fuel Cell Pro 2400 set 12/24V DC 110W

EFOY PRO 2400 set 12/24V DC

Automatically charges your battery to full capacity

80W Fuel Cell with accessories
Connectable cartridges 1 or 2 with Duo Cart Switch  
Charge current 9,17/4,58A
Nominal Consumption 0,9 l. kWh

Battery types: lead acid, gel, AGM, LiFeP04

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EFOY Pro 800 Duo Set 12/24V DC

EFOY Pro fuel cell generators are smart energy producers that can be used to continuously and fully automatically recharge batteries. To do this, the fuel cell is connected directly to the battery that supplies consumers and monitors its charge level. The fuel cell recharges the battery fully automatically and then switches to standby – without any need for maintenance or intervention on the behalf of the user. EFOY Pro 800 Duo and EFOY Pro 2400 Duo are perfectly suited for installation inside a vehicle or mobile surveillance.

The EFOY Pro 800 and EFOY Pro 2400 EFOY Pro fuel cells, with their compact construction, deliver a lot of energy in the tiniest of spaces. The fuel cartridges can be exchanged quickly and easily, even by untrained personnel. The EFOY Pro 800 delivers a maximum output of 45 W. It is ideal for applications with low energy requirements. The EFOY Pro 2400 delivers a maximum output of 110 W. To ensure longer autonomy without user intervention, a model with two cartridge connectors has been developed for both power classes of the EFOY Pro fuel cell – namely the EFOY Pro 800 Duo and the EFOY Pro 2400 Duo. These allow two and, with two optional DuoCartSwitches, even up to four fuel cartridges to be connected to a single fuel cell. This ensures even longer autonomous power delivery to off-grid systems such as measuring stations in the mountains, wind measurement systems for wind farm planning or cameras for monitoring pipelines.

PRO Set includes standard accessories:
Operating panel OP2 with cable
Mounting plate for PRO
Charge line for battery connection
Fuel cartridge holder with belt
Off heat duct set
Exhaust hose
User manual and Service fluid

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