AWILCO Energy System 12V 2000W 100Ah EU plug

The ideal energy system to be installed in any professional vehicle. Power up your high energy power tools and keep all your hand tool batteries recharged. Provides 230V AC.

  • 2000W – 230V AC pure sine output
  • 100 Ah LiFePO4 high quality battery
  • Fast charge from vehicle alternator
  • Bluetooth battery monitor
  • Easy-click connections
  • EU – Shuko

Build in plug-and-play feature to increase up to a full 600Ah capacity by means of our 100Ah batteri LFP12100BM and cablekit LBXM-kit

Ready for Awilco smart cable system

All this is in the box when you order ES-2000:

1: ES-2000 power unit
Mounting brackets, connectors/plugs, adapter + 5m cable for remote installation of the operating panel
2: DMT-1250. EUR 5/6 ready DC/DC charger
3: Cable to connect ES-2000 with DMT 1250
4: BMS bridge

5: ISRM01

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The AWILCO ES-2000 is designed to last

The high performance 2000W pure sine inverter will power up virtually any 230V AC application. Bring your most powerful hand tools to work – and let ES-2000 support your workday by saving you time, searching for mains outlets.

The high quality build in LiFePO4 battery will keep your system powered up for a long time, and the state of the art battery management systems, protects the batteries from overload, ensures the longest possible system lifetime, and makes sure that any available charge energy, from vehicle alternator or external mains is converted to the fastest and most efficient charge for the battery to maximize your runtime.

The cabinet is designed with the professional user in mind – robustly build to work from the floor in a professional vehicle, safety relay for user protection, and easy to monitor display. If you wish to have a more in depth information on the status of the battery, you can get detailed information, using our free app – simply search for AWILCO in app store or google play.

Our unique drop-in installation brackets make mounting easy and equally easy to shift the ES-2000 to a new vehicle.

Connecting the system to your vehicle is done by easy and safe click connectors. Connectors for 12V DC and 230V AC are included in the system. Connection on the backside has been made in such a way that once installed, the cables does not compromise the depth of the unit, making installation easy for the installer and is at the same time optimizing the space needed for the system.

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