AWILCO Energy System 5000W 230 Vac., EV charge connector

The ES-5000 is produced for the professional market and is aimed at the craftsman who needs a large amount of power in the field, without access to a 230V mains plug.
With a pure sine value of 5000W, it can easily charge several batteries as well as being a source of energy for hand tools and large machines, vacuum cleaners, welders etc.
The cabinet is made of impact-resistant plastic and is IP21 approved and contains lithium technology.







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ES-5000 is the super class in the series of Awilco transportable energy systems. It is a compact and portable device that can be used both professionally and at home with its 5000W available. There are 5 pcs. SHUKO 230V plug in the front and 3 pcs. USB-A (5V, 3A) and 1 pc. USB-A (5V, 2A), 2 pcs. USB-c (5V, 60W) and 1 pc. cigar plug (12V) and 1 pc. clamp terminal with (12V,30A) available.

The ES-5000 weighs 50kg and has a built-in pull-out handle at one end and 2 wheels at the bottom, so it can easily be rolled from a to b. It can be charged directly from a 230V mains socket or via an EV lightning charging stand for the electric car.
The ES-5000 draws larger machines, welders, vacuum cleaners, pumps etc. or is a power source for other power supplies with its 7000W at peak.
This is included in the box when you order an ES-5000
1 piece. ES-5000 unit
1 piece. charger 230V
1 pc. Various solar plugs and accessories
1 piece. instructions for use

Weight 50 kg