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Awilco Power bank extend your power to your smart devices like smart phones, tablets etc. Base (charging) station fits perfect on your work desk, kitchen table, night table etc. Mobile bank will charge in the base station, and will at the same time work as a mobile phone holder. Convenient on your work desk, for people using mobilephone all day long.

The 10.000mAh Mobile bank has several outputs to support charging devices.

Wireless charging, USB and USB-C.

Mobile bank is small and lightweight and has almost the same size as an Iphone 14.


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Have a located charging space for your phone with the base station, and you will always have a fully charged phone. Remove the battery bank from the base station, and have extra energy with you for charging your smart devices like smartphones or tablets. The wireless charger is very convenient for charging your mobile phone (mobile phone need to have this feature), so cables are unnecessary.

Mobile bank Power: 10.000mAh/37Wh

Dimmension: 152 x 74 x 16mm.

Vægt 315 gram.

USB-C to USB cable for base station included

USB to 230VAC not included Use Awilco item number 1897843

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