AWILCO Energy System 12C 1000W 50Ah EU plug

ES-1000 – the powerful lightweight energysystem


ES-1000 is a versatile, portable and efficient energysystem, with a full continous 1000W/2000W peak pure sine inverter which support most applications.

The 50Ah build in lithium battery is lightweight, and provides energy throughout the day.

You can charge the unit from 230V AC, 12V DC and even with a solar panel

The userfriendly display keeps you informed about battery status, and which outputs you have activated.

With a weight of only 11 kg and the two pratical carry handles, the ES-1000 is easy to carry and ideal for both professional and leisure use.

2 x AC Schuko outlets
3 x USB outlets.                              5V DC 2,1A max
1 x USB-C outlet                             5V DC 3A max
2 x 12 DC-jack outlets                  12V DC 8A max
1 x 12V cigarette lighter outlet     12V DC 8A max

1 x DC-jack input connects to charger
1 x PV-solar input                          18V-30V




The system is supplied including a 230V AC charger, 12V DC charger and an adapter for 12C cigarette lighter plugs.



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