AWILCO Portable Power Station 1500W EU

ES-1500 is a portable powerful powerbank with full 1500W output at 230V AC pure sine wave. It is the proper assistant to your power need, regardless of you are a professional needing portable energy, or you target to protect yourself from energy brownouts/blackouts.

With 1500W output / 2300W peak output you can power most powertools and even dryers and washingmachines at your home.


The graphic carry handles keeps you up-to-date with the status of the system, and the two carryhandles makes it easy to move around.


ES-1500 is versatile in outputs

2 x USB-C outputs

2 x USB-A outputs

1 x 12V Car socket output

2 x 12V DC socket 5,5 x 2,1 mm


Charge ES-1500 from AC mains by means of the supplied power supply. You can also charge with solarpanels, by means of the MPPT input


ES-1500 is the ideal portable energysystem for any powerneed.

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ES-1500 supports a wide range of AC-application. It is the ideal unit for professionals as well as for home use. It is durable, easy to use and practical to move.


Strap it down in your vehicle for power on the go – regardless if you are off to work, or you are heading for new experiences in the great outdoors on your own time.


Or use  it in your home to power tv, light for the kids to study or even your drier and some washingmachines in the instance of brownouts/powerouts.


ES-1500 can help you save money on expensive power. If charged when energy prices are low – typically during the night, you can harvest the low priced energy to be used when power is expensive, typically when you get home from work.


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