AWILCO Portable Power Station 500W EU

Small and handy energy suitcase for various applications. The Awilco ES-500 has an integrated 50Ah lithium battery with Bluetooth connection. 500W true sine inverter powers your devices such as laptops, batteries for power tools, Drone batteries, smart devices like mobile phone or tablets etc.

ES-500 has also 12VDC, and 5VDC outputs.

Charge the ES-500 with either following 230VAC adapter, 12VDC cigarette lighter plug, or from a solar panel.

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The Portable Power Station

ES-500 is handy in many applications and users. It can be the worker who need to charge batteries for his power tools, the consultant who needs power for his laptop or printer, Festival, boat, caravan people who needs power on their tour.

Use the Awilco Bluetooth APP to connect to the ES-500. Connecting to the ES-500, you will get a lot of valuable information’s such as Energy left on the battery in %, Voltage level, Energy going in or out of the system, estimated time left, temperature, cycles etc.


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