ASP Inverter True Sine 12V DC – 230V AC 150W

150W Off-grid Inverter Sine Wave
Input 12V DC
Output 230V AC | 0,7A
Operation range 10,5-16V DC

Converts 12V battery power to 230V household AC power.

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The inverter converts the DC battery voltage (direct current) into 230VAC (sinusoidal alternating current). Voltage-controlled, it provides a stabilized, quartz-precise direct current of 230VAC/50Hz (other voltages and frequencies as per type label). All conventional consumption items such as energy-saving light bulbs, computers, engines, pumps, radio and HiFi systems can be operated with the sinusoidal inverter.

 High degree of efficiency

The selection of high-quality components allows for an extremely high degree of efficiency and thus reduces losses to a minimum.


Galvanic isolation

A galvanic isolation exists between the DC side (direct current side) and the AC side (alternating current side) which is realised by a 50 Hz toroidal transformer.

 True sinusoidal wave

The public electrical grid has a sine-shaped voltage flow which is designated as sinusoidal voltage.

Our devices recreate this sinusoidal voltage and provide the consumers with the same or better quality of sinusoidal voltage as the public electricity grid.


Weight 1,8 kg
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