Primepower Charger DCDC 9-18V DC – 12V DC 15A

DC-DC Battery Charger 12V

Input range 9-18V DC
15A | IP21

Compact and easy to install
High efficiency for lead-acid batteries
(Standard, GEL/AGM, Calcium)

Input and output are galvanic separated

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Primepower DC-DC Charger is a very compact and easily installed product with high efficiency. The DC-DC Charger is perfectly suited for automotive applications to ensure charging of the extra battery, perfect for caravans, campers and trailers. The DC-DC Charger is an advanced charger which converts voltages from 9-18VDC to a correct charge algorithm for all types of lead-acid batteries (Standard, GEL/AGM, Calcium).

 The charging algorithm for the correct battery type is easily set with the button on the chargers front. LED indicators on the front shows the current state of charge. The highly effective design delivers a charging current of 15 Amps, which guarantees a fast and efficient recharging. Input and output are galvanic separated.

Connections: 6,3mm Faston

Installation and assembly is carried out easily. The housing is IP21 and the internal electronics is protected with a thick layer of lacquer. Waterproof versions IP67 is available on request.

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