Easier work days with always fully charged batteries

Energy systems for vehicles and mobile use



ES-2000 All-In-One Energy System for use in professional vehicles and ES-500 Portable Power Station for mobile use.

The energy systems charge while driving ensuring enough power for all your handtools, mobile devices, laptop, drone, temporary workstation or as backup power.


Awilco Energy Systems offer a compact robust solution with easy installation and long lifetime.

ES-2000 all-in-one energy system for professional vehicles

> Reliable

> Fast Charging

> Sustainable

  • Ideal for installation in any professional vehicle
  • Powers up all your 230V applications – also forced action mixer and demolition hammer
  • Keeps your batteries recharged
  • Provides 230V, 12V and 5V DC
  • Robust and easy to use with long lifetime

Bring your most powerful hand tools to work:
Let the ES-2000 support your workday saving you time searching for mains outlets.

The high performance 2000W pure sine inverter will power up virtually any 230V AC application with its high quality build in LiFePO4 battery for a long time.

The state of art battery management systems protects the batteries from overload and ensures the longest possible system lifetime.

To maximize your runtime, the battery management system also makes sure that any available charge energy, from vehicle alternator or external mains, is converted to the fastest and most efficient charge
for the battery.

Model No: ES-2000
Bluetooth / Digital display: Yes / Yes
DC charging: 10,5-15,5 V DC Max 100 A
DC output: 13,2V nominal (9,5-13,9V DC)
Current max: 200 A | Max 500 A (2 s)
Dimensions: 241x397x339 mm (HxLxW)
Operating temperature: -40 °C to +50 °C Power reduces below 0 °C
AC output connected to grid:
Voltage: 230V ±10%
Current: Max 16A
Waveform: Pure sinus
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: Max 3600 W
Standby mode: 14,5 W
Battery type: LiFePO4
Battery capacity: 100Ah DC charging from 13,2 V
Inverter connected to grid: < 55 A
USB output: 5V DC
Current max: 750 mA
Weight: 29,4 kg
Storage temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
AC output from inverter:
Voltage: 230V ±10%
Current: Max 10 A
Waveform: Pure sinus
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: < 2000 W Max 4000 W (5 s)

ES-2000 has the unique feature that the system battery capacity can be extended from the build-in 100Ah up to a staggering 600Ah by adding a total of max 5 extra 100Ah batteries.

This way the energy system will be offering longer runtime and higher autonomy for the user.


The robust AWILCO Smart Cable click system is designed for installation of 230V AC outlets in your vehicle, boat or similar small space.

The easy-to-install system makes the installation fast and cost-effective and is built to last the everyday use for professionals.

One very important additional feature is that the parts are pre-approved for installation, meaning that anyone can install and connect it to any of our AWILCO ES-systems, without compromising safety and without the need of a licensed electrician.


Extend your battery capacity up to 600Ah by connecting our LFP12100BM battery to the ES-2000.

ES-500 all-in-one energy system for off grid environements

> Robust

> Portable

> Long lifetime

  • Ideal for charging tools or mobile devices
  • Back up power to alarms and monitoring
  • Provides 230V, 12v and 5V DC
  • Prepared for solar cells
  • Portable, compact and easy to use

Bring all your smaller applications to work:
Let the ES-500 support your workday saving you time searching for mains outlets.

ES 500 Portable Power Station provides 230V AC, 12V DC or 5V-USB power wherever you are and minimizes the amount of extra batteries you need to bring with you. The high performance 500W pure sine inverter will power up virtually any small 230V AC application.

Compact battery, smart design and mobile. Easily supports portable computers, handheld tool battery packs, smart devices, temporary 230V AC and works as backup to alarms and monitoring.

The high quality build in LiFePO4 battery will keep your system powered up for a long time and the state of art battery management systems protects the batteries from overload and ensures the longest possible system lifetime.

Model No: ES-500
DC charging: Voltage: 13.5V–18V
Power: 5A
Solar Charging: Voltage: 18V
Current: >10A
AC Adapter Charging: Voltage: 13,5V
Current: 6A
AC Output: Continues Output Power: 400W
Voltage: 230V AC
Output Frequency: 50HZ
Output Waveform: Pure sine wave
DC 12V Output: Voltage: 12V±5%
Current: Max 8A
DC Output x2: Voltage: 12V
Power: 1A
USB 5V DC Output x2: Voltage: 5V±5%
Current: Max 2A
Overheat protection: >65 °C
Heat-dissipating method: Air cooled
Safety function: Low voltage protection
High Voltage protection
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
Overheating protection
AC Output short circuit current: Max 100A withstand 1ms
DC Output short circuit current: Max 10A
RS 485 Port: Communication Interface
Bluetooth: Yes
Battery type: LiFePO4
Battery capacity: 50Ah
Weight: 9,2 kg
Dimensions: 358x280x150 mm (DxHxB)
Operating temperature range: -10°C – +45°C
Storage temperature range: -10°C – +45°C
System IP protection class: Closed hatch: IP55
Open hatch: IP30

Thanks to the lithium battery this small energy case weighs only 9.7 kg and has a lifetime that is up to 5 times longer of a regular lead battery.

The suitcase’s diode light, as well as the free Bluetooth app, always let you know exactly how much battery capacity you have available and how much power you use at any given time.

Connecting the system to your vehicle is done by easy and safe click connectors. The connectors for 12V DC and 230V AC are included in the system.

Connection on the backside has been made in such a way that once installed, the cables does not compromise the depth of the unit, making installation easy and at the same time optimizing the space needed.

Make sure to purchase our battery separator if you wish to charge ES-500 from the vehicle alternator.


The ES-500 portable energy system is solar power ready.
ES-500 has multiple inputs for your smartphone, laptop and power tool batteries.

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