Primepower Charger ABC 48V 30A

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Primepower Charger ABC 48V 30A

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AC-DC ABC Charger 48V  

Input voltage 90-255V AC
30A § Battery capacity 30-330Ah
Lead acid
Standard, GEL/AGM, Calcium

Robust design, compact and easy to install
Aluminium casing §
IP Class IP21
Polarity protected § No sparks

Weight (kg)1.500
Switch-off criteria Delta-U0
ON diode0
Length mm112.00
Width mm220.00
Height mm73.00

More about the product

Primepower ABC charger is a universal battery charger that can be adapted to all kinds of battery types. This version is for lead acid batteries. Pls. contact us if you need a charger for other battery types.

The charger operates with high frequency technology and is very compact with high efficiency. The charging process is controlled by a microprocessor with a pre-programmed charging algorithm. Different charging algorithms for all types of batteries and sizes are available.

 The size combined with low weight make these chargers particularly suitable for on-board vehicle mounting. Connections for external LED’s, temperature compensated charging and control function, for example immobilizer, is available on the charger.

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