Primepower Converter 24V DC - 13,8V 200W

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Primepower Converter 24V DC – 13,8V 200W

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24V DC to 13,8V DC voltage converter, galvanically isolated  

Input voltage range 18-32V DC
Output voltage 13,8V DC
200 Watt – 14,5A

Small and compact unit safe and easy to install

Latest switching technology, efficiency > 96% and minimal powerloss

Protected against wrong polarization and short-circuit

Enclosure is IP21 with protective coating on the electronics

ON/OFF function for remote use

Input voltage24V DC
Output Voltage13,8V DC
Output Power200W
ON diode0
Weight (kg)0.200
Length mm0.00
Width mm0.00
Height mm0.00

More about the product

Primepower DC-DC Converter is designed with the latest switching technology in DC to DC conversion. This brings an efficiency with over 96%. This brings a cool running product with minimal powerloss. The internal electronics is protected against wrong polarization and short-circuit which pre-vents damage to the device by misuse. The standard enclosure is IP 21 with protective coating on the electronics. All models have and ON/OFF function for remote.

User friendly, easy to install and safe to use.

Small and compact with high efficiency, overheating protection, polarity protection, current limited, short-circuits protection and galvanic isolated.

Connections: 6,3 mm Faston.

The model program consists of isolated and non-isolated versions.

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