Alfatronix Converter PV 24V DC - 12V DC 12A Dual Output

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Alfatronix Converter PV 24V DC – 12V DC 12A Dual Output

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Powerverter Dual DC-DC Converter
Dual output converter with switched output

Input voltage 17-32V DC
Output voltage 13,6V DC
144 Watt  12A/18A  

For any application where a dual output is required or where a switched and permanent or memory connection must be retained

Protected from dust, damp and impact to IP53

ALFATRONIX provides lifetime guarantee

Input voltage24V DC
Output Voltage12V DC
Output Power144W
ON diode0
Weight (kg)0.425
Length mm123.00
Width mm87.00
Height mm50.00

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PV-A range dual output converters with switched output

Some automotive equipment, such as In Car Entertainment (ICE) usually has two links to the vehicle’s electrical system, one for security and one for switching the equipment on and off. 

The security circuit senses when the equipment has been removed from the vehicle by having a permanent connection to the vehicle battery. The on/off function is controlled from the ignition switch so that when the ignition key is removed, the ICE equipment is turned off, preventing the battery from becoming discharged. Also, some truck manufacturers run other 12V equipment, such as a cigar lighter socket from the same feed, while others prefer to leave it on. 

Alfatronix have developed three voltage converters, a 3Amp, 6Amp (continuous) and a 12A (continuous), which overcome these configuration problems. The Alfatronix converters mimic the 12V battery and 12V ignition function by providing two outputs, either of which can provide full power. One output is available whenever the 24V battery is connected. The other output is switched by the 24V ignition switch. Now the ICE equipment can be fitted to the 24V truck as simply as fitting it to a 12V car.

Of course, the Dual Output Range can be used for any application where a dual output is required or where a switched and permanent or memory connection must be retained.

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