ENTIFFIC AIR 12V Methanol - including installation kit

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ENTIFFIC AIR 12V Methanol – including installation kit

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ENTIFFIC AIR Methanol is next generation in parking heaters!

Offering all the benefits of the classic selfpowered ENTIFFIC AIR, this methanol version makes parking heating much more environmentally friendly.

This methanol version connects with 5 liter, 10 Liter or 28 Liter (with adapter) EFOY Methanol cartridges, enabeling the user to refuel fast and without any risc of spilling fuel. 

This makes the ENTIFFIC AIR Methanol ideal for even electric vehicles where additional heating is required.

The heater is supplied with a complete installationkit for vehicle installation.

The ideal parkingheater for vehicles, boats, RV’s, cabins, and any off grid applicatoin

Set the desired temperature on the thermostat and kick back while ENTIFFIC AIR keeps the desired area warm without concerns about running out of battery power.

iOS: Download the remote app App-store

Android: please contact AWILCO and will send you app.


More about the product

ENTIFFIC AIR Methanol is the ideal solution for any EV user, looking to add additional warmth to the cargo room of the van, thus avoiding using the vehicle battery for heating, which causes the vehicle range to be reduced – keep you materials warm during the workday, without any concerns about draining the battery.

With a full 2kW heat output, the heater is able to keep vans, boats, cabins and other smaller spaces warm.

ENTIFFIC AIR does not need an extra battery, saving both the owner installation expences, as well as the environment.

The unit is supplied with an installation kit intended for installation in vehicles, which includes a thermostat with an extention cable, enabeling the user to place the thermostat where desired. For this particular methanol version, the unit is supplied with a pratical holder for the EFOY Methanol M5 and M10 cartridges. Even M28 cartridges can be used, but does require a seperate adapter. Note that fixation of an M28 cartridge must be made seperately.

ENTIFFIC AIR can also be remotely controlled and monitored. Simply connect the ENTIFFIC modem (purchased seperately) and access your heater from a smart phone. ON/OFF function and timer function is included – the app is free – for download instructions, see below:

iOS: Download the remote app App-store

Android: please contact AWILCO and will send you the app.

Methanol is a fuel of the future, offering a more environmetally friendly use of parking heaters, and with the innovative methanol cartridges with safety valves, the refueling of your ENTIFFIC is hassle free without risc of spilling any fuel