Genius Inverter Modified 24V DC - 230V AC 3000W

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Genius Inverter Modified 24V DC – 230V AC 3000W

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24V Modified Sinus Inverter 3000W
Input 24V (Range 20-30V)
Output 230V AC § 13A

Connector 24V: Cables not included
Connector 230V AC: One Schuko socket
Converts 24V battery power to 230V household AC power.

Output Power
Output Voltage230V AC
Input voltage24V DC

More about the product

24VDC-230VAC 3000W Modified sinus inverter

Modified sine wave inverter from Genius is a product designed for the leisure market. It is compact and lightweight and ideal for mounting in tight spaces, such as vehicles and caravans. With 3000W continuous power, these models are ideal for use with standard light bulb, laptop, blender, TV, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, coffee machine and hand tools.

The advantage of using this type of inverter is definitely the price and weight. Genius is one of the best brands in the market at this price level, and they are therefore one of the most popular products on the market.

Modified sine wave is also called trapezoidal or square wave. This means that this type of inverter does not provide a pure sine wave like our main power available at home and as we know from more expensive inverters. As most users are using products which are not critically sensitive or have inductive and offset loads, the limitations by using a modified inverter are therefore of minor nature. The Genius inverter is electronically isolated and has soft start power.