EFOY Fuel Cell Pro 900 OP set 12/24V DC 42W

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EFOY Fuel Cell Pro 900 OP set 12/24V DC 42W

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EFOY PRO 900 12/24V DC with operating panel

Automatically charges your battery to full capacity

42W Fuel Cell with accessories

Connect up to 8 cartridges with a fuel manager

Nominal methanol consumption 0,9 L/kWh

Battery types: lead acid, gel, AGM, LiFeP04

Output Voltage12/24V DC
Weight (kg)6.500
Length mm433.00
Width mm188.00
Height mm278.00

EFOY Pro for Industry applications

Fuel cells for leisure use

Leisure freedom with EFOY fuel cells

EFOY vs. Diesel generator

More about the product

EFOY Pro fuel cell generators are smart energy producers that can be used to recharge batteries continuously and fully automatically. To do this, the fuel cell is connected directly to the battery that supplies consumers and monitors its charge level. The fuel cell recharges the battery fully automatically and then switches to standby – without any need for maintenance or intervention on the behalf of the user.

The EFOY Pro fuel cells are the ideal power generators for industrial applications. The EFOY Pro is used for on-board power supply in vehicles, as off-grid power supply, e.g. for monitoring systems, measuring stations, oil and gas and many other applications.

All EFOY fuel cells are quiet and environmentally friendly. During operation, the sole by-products are small quantities of carbon dioxide and water. Due to this, the EFOY fuel cells can be used in nature reserves as well as in closed vehicles and rooms. The EFOY fuel cells are equally suitable for covert investigations, thanks to their low-vibration and quiet operation without heat generation.

The EFOY Pro 900, 1800 and 2800, with their compact construction, deliver a lot of energy in the tiniest of spaces. The fuel cartridges can be exchanged quickly and easily, even by untrained personnel. The EFOY Pro 900 delivers a maximum output of 42W. It is ideal for applications with low energy requirements. The EFOY Pro 1800 delivers a maximum output of 82W and the EFOY Pro 2800 delivers a maximum output of 125W, which are better choices if your energy requirements are a little higher.

To ensure longer autonomy without user intervention, you can connect 2, 4 or 8 fuel cartridges using a fuel manager. The FM2 can connect 2 cartridges, the FM4 can connect 4 cartridges and the FM8 can connect 8 cartridges. When one cartridge is empty, the fuel manager automatically switches to another cartridge.

This fuel cell comes with an operating panel, where you can control and see information about the fuel cell and the methanol.