Primepower Charger Champ 230V AC - 24V DC 20A

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Primepower Charger Champ 230V AC – 24V DC 20A

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AC-DC Charger Champ 24V

Input voltage 190-254V AC
20A § Battery capacity 60-350Ah

Compact and waterproof (IP67)
Polarity protected § No sparks

Pre-programmed ready to use – just plug n’ play!

Weight (kg)1.700
Switch-off criteria Delta-U0
Operating temperature-25C - 40C
ON diode0
IP classIP67
Length mm90.00
Width mm198.00
Height mm47.00

More about the product

Champ is a compact and waterproof battery charger for all kinds of batteries. The ruggedized design with electronics completely moulded will withstand very high vibrations and a harsh environment. The charger is delivered pre-programmed ready to use -just plug n’ play!

This unit is safe to use.

The charger operates fully automatic.

Leaving the charger connected for long periods, the charger turns into maintenance and maintains the battery safely.

If you connect the charger with wrong polarity – the charger indicate red light and do not start.

Charging program for all types of Lead-Acid batteries. Also available for Lithium batteries, please contact us.

The ruggedized design and compact volume together with very high efficiency makes the Champ perfect for a multitude of tough tasks. They are equally suited to charge batteries for cyclical installations, as they are to do maintenance charging of starter batteries. The Champ charger handle difficult working environment such also if mounted on the frameworks of a truck or under the bonnet in a vehicle as an ”on board” charger.

All models can be equipped with a control voltage for use as an immobilizer signal, to prevent starting of a vehicle before unplugging the mains cable (start interrupt function).

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