Kisae Charger DC-DC 12V DC 50A

ABSO DMT-1250 Battery Charger

  • DC to DC Battery Charger
  • Microprocessor controlled multi-stage charging algorithms (bulk, absorption, float) for gel, flooded, AGM and lithium batteries and equalization for flooded batteries
  • Silent mode for quiet operation
  • Optional remote allows you to view system information –ACRM1201


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In-vehicle optimal charging and maintenance for marine and RV deep-cycle batteries

  • Dual Input Capability: MPPT Solar Input & Auxiliary Input
  • Multi-stage battery charger ensures that your batteries are charged the way battery manufacturers recommend
  • Small footprint, extremely compact design
  • Saves money by maximizing battery life

KISAE’s Abso line of smart battery chargers offers fully automatic, multi-stage battery charging, plus the ability to charge three (3) separate battery banks. The ultimate set-and-forget charger, these products incorporate special charging algorithms designed to quickly and accurately recharge and maximize the life of AGM, Gel, Flooded or Lithium batteries. These chargers will also charge multiple battery chemistries simultaneously.

DC fuse: 2*30A, 50V

Output voltage range
Charge: 13,5-15,5V
Float: 13-13,8V

DC input battery/alternator
DC input range: 10,5-32V
DC input nominal operation: 
12.8 V charging system
25.6V for 24V charging system

DC input PV input
DC input range: 10,5-32V
DC input nominal operation: 
17.5V DC for 12V PV panels connected in parallel
35.0V DC for Dual 12V PV panel connected in series

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