Pure sine inverters, combi inverters and chargers

KISAE design a line of advanced inverters, combi inverters and chargers to more than 40 countries

KISAE is a global company with a complete line of advanced power electronics products like inverters, combies, chargers etc. The name KISAE is actually an acronym for ”Keep It Simple Alternative Energy”. This is the keyprinciple in everything Kisae does.

AWILCO has been a KISAE distributor since 2013 and have a lot of experience with inverters and chargers for all kinds of applications and projects

We are specialists within:

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The practical EFOY cartridges contain the fuel for EFOY fuel cells and have been designed especially for safe, convenient operation and mobility.
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KISAE inverter and charger combined into one compact unit. KISAE inverter-chargers convert 12V battery power into utility-grade household power, thus allowing you to effortlessly run loads up to 3000 watts.
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The ultimate set-and-forget charger, these products incorporate special charging algorithms designed to quickly and accurately recharge and maximize the life of AGM, Gel, Flooded or Lithium batteries.


The eco-friendly, quiet fuel cell solutions from SFC Energy safeguard the uninterrupted supply of power on board official, leisure and electric vehicles as well as in other mobile or static off-grid applications.

Marine communications & navigation installations


onroad and offroad installations for onboard

flexible solutions for your application

In House Production

Additionally, we are also able to deliver custom solutions for your specific need. We have own flexible production of customer-adapted power supplies and chargers. We offer high flexibility in terms of batch size and delivery time.

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OEM solutions
An absolute core compentence at FRIWO is customized solutions. Regardless of the unit being designed from scratch or based on an existing platform, it is a proven fact that the vast majority of the more than 30 Million units produced by FRIWO each year have some level of customization. We build long term relations, based on viable, reliable solutions and keen attention from our team members.

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We serve demanding clients within electric mobility, power tools, high quality consumer equipment, medical, industrial automation, LED lighting and renewable energy.

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Including voltage converters, power supplies, battery chargers, battery guards, USB and wireless chargers

  • Appropriate approvals: Medical, Office, Household or Industry
  • Most units can be customized with FRIWO standard accessories

In addition to stand FRIWO standard program, we offer a comprehensive range of OEM solutions for your specific applications.

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