Battery technologies


Is your device a multiple use device where the user needs the possibility to charge the battery, then lets find the right rechargeable solution for you!

Today we offer 2 categories of rechargeable solutions based on either: Nickel Metal Hybride batteries and Lithium batteries. Continue reading down below to find out what type of battery is right for you.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are available in different variants. Click on the variants below to learn more.

Lithium Ion is by far the most commonly used battery today, is available both as prismatic and cylindrical.

The perfect match between performance, reliability, price, cyclelife and energydensity. Cells starts at approx 1000mAh and goes up to 8000mAh – which gives you endless possibilities.

Li-ion batteries are well suited for big batterypacks with many cells.

Lithium Polymer has very high energy density and is available in very small sizes.

Availbale in every prismatic size you desire. Produced in China and are a very cheap alternative to the other lithium technologies. Cells starts at approx. 50mAh and goes up to approx. 5000mAh.

Li-Po batteries are well suited for 1S1P packs.

Lithium Iron Phosphate has extremely long cyclelife and comes as prismatic pouch cells.

Pricewise roughly right in between Li-Ion and Li-Po. Wide temperature range for discharge allow these cells to be used for multiple purposes. Has low energydensity so cells are bigger and heavier than the other lithium technologies.  Cells starts at approx. 6000mAh and up to 30000mAh.

LiFePO4 batteries are very well suited for big batterypacks with many cells.

Nimh batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries was the choice of most companies in the past – but that doesn’t mean a NIMH solution couldn’t be your future solution.

NIMH offers an extremely unique feature in todays world. Unlike Lithium based batteries NIMH is not dangerous goods – they don’t require expensive approvals and since they don’t need BMS (battery management systems) like lithium they are often cheaper.

Downsides are cyclelife – energydensity and weight. But don’t be fooled, this represents a strong alternative to lithium for many customers


Is your device single use or do perhaps allow the user to exchange the batteries then often a primary (non-rechargable) battery is the best solution for you!

We offer an extensive portfolio of primary cells. We offer all sorts of alkaline cells and lithium cells, From coin cells to D cells.


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