Primepower 230V AC – 24V DC 12A Charger Champ Pro

AC-DC Charger Champ PRO 24V

Input voltage 90-250V AC
12A § Battery capacity 30-220Ah
Power supply mode 13,7V

Very compact charger for lead acid batteries
Integrated temperature sensor

For extreme harsh environments §IP67

Polarity protection § No sparks

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Primepower Champ PRO is a very compact battery charger for lead acid batteries of any kind. Also available for Lithium batteries. Simply press the mode select button to choose the battery type. Basic models are in 12V and 24V versions.

The charging is controlled by the internal microprocessor which always secures a correct charge of your batteries. The integrated temperature sensor ensures the correct charging voltage in warm and cold climate. All models are protected from overheating, wrong polarity connection, short circuitry.

The LEDs show the charging status and error indication. The ruggedised design and compact volume together with very a high efficiency makes the Champ perfect for a multitude of tough tasks. They are equally suited to charge batteries for cyclical installations, as they are to do maintenance charging of starter batteries.

 The Champ charger handle harsh environment such as mounted on the frameworks of a truck as well as under the bonnet in a vehicle. All models can be equipped with a control voltage for use as an immobilizer signal, to prevent starting of a vehicle before unplugging the main cable (start interrupt function).

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