1 red 35mm2 + 1 black 35mm2 50 cm /dbl Andersson pin

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1 red 35mm2 + 1 black 35mm2 50 cm /dbl Andersson pin

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Cable kit for connection of lithium batteries and Energy System

Diameter: 35mm2
Length: 50 cm

Set with red and black cable with crimped terminals in either end, suited for use to extend batterycapcity on the battery LFP12100BM or ES-2000

Cables are also available in other lengths.

Contact us with information about your configuration and we will make cables that fit in length

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Up to 600Ah in 12V DC, increments of 100Ah, by parallel connection

Up to 48V DC 100Ah – with batteries in series.

Accessory typeCables

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