FRIWO Dimmbox

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FRIWO Dimmbox

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15–50 V| 5A
DIMMbbox control range 10-100%

Dali, Push-Dim or 1-10V

Overload and overvoltage protection
Continuously short circuit proof
MTBF > 200.000 hours

Made in Germany
FRIWO provides 5 year warranty


Output Voltage15-50V DC
Output Power
Weight (kg)0.057
Length mm153.00
Width mm30.00
Height mm21.00

More about the product

Functional description DIMMbox

The DIMMbox and the connected LED(s) are powered by the power supply / LED driver at the input if the DIMMbox.

The dimming function is achieved by pulse width modulation control (PWM) at the LED minus output. Switching frequency is around 600Hz.