EFOY Methanol Energy Cartridge 5l

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EFOY Methanol Energy Cartridge 5l

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M5 EFOY Energy Cartridge

Capacity: 5 l.

Electrical nominal capacity: 5.5 kWh

Autonomy @50 W: 110 hrs.

Dimensions (l x w x h): 

190 x 145 x 283 mm

OBS: Methanol is classified as dangerous goods.

Find safety data sheet in downloads.

Output Voltage
Weight (kg)4.600
Length mm190.00
Width mm145.00
Height mm283.00

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EFOY Fuel Cartridges 

Away from a mains supply for weeks at a time! EFOY fuel cartridges are a safety-tested fuel system that was specially developed for EFOY fuel cells. EFOY fuel cartridges can be changed in seconds. It is a simple and clean process. With a M10 fuel cartridge, you could be on the road for up to 4 weeks without a mains supply. This means that with a single M10 fuel cartridge you can use your notebook to plan 1.000 outings, you can enjoy 700 cups of coffee from your automatic coffee maker, you can transmit 550 hours of radio messages from your boat or you can eat 800 slices of fresh toast … and all this fully independent of the mains supply. Enjoy the freedom.

Power anytime and anywhere – EFOY fuel cartridges keep you mobile! The practical EFOY cartridges contain the fuel for EFOY fuel cells. EFOY fuel cartridges have been designed especially for safe, convenient operation of EFOY fuel cells.

Cartridges are available in 10-liter, 28-liter and 60-liter sizes. Additional sizes for industrial or portable applications are available upon request